Five years after Cpatain America debuted on the big screen as one more superhero to save the world, the sequel Captain America Civil War is finally here. As the name of the movie suggests, everyone involved is divided over the same objective, world peace! There are a few overriding themes in the movie, typical of a superhero franchise.

  • Conflict of interest: Top of the list of overarching themes is the conflict of interest between the protagonists. The United Nations wants to bring The Avengers on board as a universal peacekeeping force in order to make them accountable for their actions. While Iron Man, The Black Widow, and a few other are on board, Captain America is suspicious of the UN’s motives, thereby breaking up The Avengers.
  • Mystery Man: Why do The Avengers split up? The Doctor seems to be the one pulling strings. He has promised Tony Stark/Iron Man a lot of things which make Iron Man believe that signing up with the UN is in the best interests of the team. However, Captain America is proved right as the Doctor slowly shows us his true colours.

While the good always triumphs is a predictable trope, the movie takes a tad too long to get there. But that being said, the action set pieces are a delight for any fan of superhero franchises. The editing is brilliant and fast-paced leaving no room for any boredom to set in. If you are a fan of everything Marvel Comics has churned out over the years, and I you love Age of Ultron, the next chapter in the franchise is a must-watch. The movie has already had a smasher of an opening in the overseas box office, and there’s plenty of reasons why!