Doctor Strange, out this November, is the latest film in the Marvel Studios phase 3. The Scott Derrickson-helmed film is expected to continue the success of other MCU films.

Benedict Cumberbatch, as we all know, plays the titular character. Acting great Tilda Swinton will be the Ancient One while Chiwetel Ejiofor will play Baron Mordo. The status of Mordo is not quite clear from the trailers and other Doctor Strange online teasers. In the comics, Mordo is a supervillain and Strange’s nemesis. In the trailers, Mordo seems to be an ally of Strange.

Benedict Wong of the Martian and Netflix’s Marco Polo plays Dr. Strange’s sidekick named Wong. Others confirmed to be in the film are Scott Adkins and Michael Stuhlbarg.

For a while, we weren’t particularly sure of the roles of Mads Mikkelsen and Rachel McAdams. Mikkelsen divulged early on that he will be playing a villain, which many assumed to be Dormammu. McAdams was first rumored to be playing the silver-haired Clea, a former student and love interest of Doctor Strange in the comic books who also happens to be the niece of Dormammu.


Now that Marvel released a toy set based on the film’s characters, we get a clearer picture of who else will be in the film. The Marvel Minimates Series 70 by Diamond Select Toys is available in four assorted packs with two figures each. The Ancient One is packed with Dr. Strange while Wong comes with a Zealot. Stephen Strange is coupled with Christine Palmer while Mordo is with Kaecilius.

From the toy set, we can assume that McAdams will play Palmer, one of the personalities to take over the Night Nurse mantle while Mikkelsen will be Kaecilius, Mordo’s disciple in the comics.

With most of the characters in place, it will be more exciting to watch Doctor Strange movie. For those who would rather watch from the comforts of their home, they can download or stream the Doctor Strange full movie.

The world is awaiting the release of the movie Star Trek Beyond. Here are a few things about the movie which results in so much of craze about it

– Sofia Boutella has performed quite well as the heroine and has done good justice to the quasi-tribal shades of her character. You will find her combating the villain with her Kung Fu kicks.


– Simon Pegg and Doug Jung have added surprising humor to the script.
– The film recaptures the emotional and social underpinnings of the previous ones in the series.
– It combines Grativas, a little mirth and the conventional Trek Themes.
– The blend of palpitating action sequences and a nostalgic feel makes this movie unique.
– Justin Lin, the director of the four movies of the Fast and Furious series, has included some spectacular scenes such as the flying of vehicles in the space.
– An innovative story-line where the entire crew of an Enterprise has accidentally landed up in a foreign planet. They are trying to regroup themselves to launch a group attack.
– The biker image of Chris Pine which is going to rock the silver screen and fascinate every one.
– Krall, played by Idris Alba is an interesting villain character with the face of a lizard who draws his energy by sucking the blood of human beings. He is the one who uses metallic “space bees” for crash-landing of the Enterprise.
– It has the familiar flair of Star Trek movies, being the thirteenth one in the series.

The Star Trek Beyond full movie can be seen not only in the Silver Screen but also online, sitting in the comfort of your home. There are several sites including Youtube that will offer you this opportunity. So, don’t miss it!

The year 2016 will witness the release of the highly anticipated movie, Suicide Squad, by Warner Bros. It is yet another adaptation of a comic book plotline from the DC comic universe. However, unlike typical superhero comic book adaptations, this movie will be helmed by or mainly features ‘super villains’ who are on a mission that they can neither abort nor escape. Introduced to the world in the 1980s by John Ostrander, the plot of the book has a leading team of ‘bad boys’ embarking on a journey to help themselves out of a prison world.


What does the promo say?

The Suicide Squad 2016 movie attempts to revive the genre once popularized by a writer and there is no real need to emphasize on the fact that a plot led by not-so-typical superheroes is more relatable than otherwise. The promo has added fuel to the fire and has given rise to a number of speculations. Will the movie keep close to the comic book storyline or bring about a twist in the tale? Intentionally leaving the guesswork to the audience and the critics, the promo displays the dark humor that this genre stands for. It is definitely more than just a bumpy ride for all those accustomed to seeing the stereotyped super hero saving the day.

As the relewase of X-Men: Apocalypse nears, fans are in a frenzy to find out what happens in the movie. Director Bryan Singer has obliged the fans and has volunteered a few spoilers..

Changes in the Cast

The protagonist of the movie – ‘The Apocalypse’ is played by Oscar Isaac of Star Wars fame. He won the Golden Globe award for his performance in the mini series – Show Me A Hero

If you have watched the recently released prequels, then you will know who plays the younger versions of all our favourite mutants. This movie is set in 1963, so The First Class is back together!


  • Cyclops aka Scott Summers is being played by Tye Sheridan who replaces James Marsden. He undergoes an existential crisis regarding his powers. This 19-yea- old actor has starred in many award winning movies.
  • Jean Grey is being played by Sophie Turner of Game of Thrones fame who replaces Haley Ramm.
  • Storm/Ororo Munroe is a pivotal character. The older Storm was played by Halle Berry, but the younger Storm is being played by Alexandra Shipp.
  • Mystique/Raven was initially played by Rebecca Romijin but Jennifer Lawrence has given the sexy mutant a vulnerable side..

The Four Horsemen – Apocalypse’s Army

Apocalypse is cast down when he rises after a thousand years. He has been celebrated as God as he is the very first and most powerful mutant, having garnered superpowers from other mutants. He resolves to wipe out humanity and create a new world that he will rule.

The four Horsemen – Pestilence, Famine, War and Death are recruited to carry out this mission. Storm, Angel, Psylocke, and Magneto are the four Horsemen who aid and abet Apocalypse in his mission.

Watch the full movie X-Men Apocalypse online to find out if good triumphs over evil.


Five years after Cpatain America debuted on the big screen as one more superhero to save the world, the sequel Captain America Civil War is finally here. As the name of the movie suggests, everyone involved is divided over the same objective, world peace! There are a few overriding themes in the movie, typical of a superhero franchise.

  • Conflict of interest: Top of the list of overarching themes is the conflict of interest between the protagonists. The United Nations wants to bring The Avengers on board as a universal peacekeeping force in order to make them accountable for their actions. While Iron Man, The Black Widow, and a few other are on board, Captain America is suspicious of the UN’s motives, thereby breaking up The Avengers.
  • Mystery Man: Why do The Avengers split up? The Doctor seems to be the one pulling strings. He has promised Tony Stark/Iron Man a lot of things which make Iron Man believe that signing up with the UN is in the best interests of the team. However, Captain America is proved right as the Doctor slowly shows us his true colours.

While the good always triumphs is a predictable trope, the movie takes a tad too long to get there. But that being said, the action set pieces are a delight for any fan of superhero franchises. The editing is brilliant and fast-paced leaving no room for any boredom to set in. If you are a fan of everything Marvel Comics has churned out over the years, and I you love Age of Ultron, the next chapter in the franchise is a must-watch. The movie has already had a smasher of an opening in the overseas box office, and there’s plenty of reasons why!

Mabel Tries The Stage: 1925

Mabel had outgrown the film roles offered her and few appropriate opportunities were coming her way. It was time for her to try her luck on the stage. Many of the skills that had made her a wonderful silent screen actress, among them her ability to register emotions before a close up camera in a natural way, were not the same skills needed for the stage. Mabel’s voice was soft, low and a bit throaty, and that didn’t project from the stage. She was unsuccessful in her attempt at a stage comedy, The Little Mouse. It closed after just a few performances.

Hal Roach: 1926 – 1927

Dick Jones had become production supervisor at Roach Studios. Hal Roach never seemed to understand Mabel’s talent, but went along with Dick Jones’ suggestion and signed Mabel to a three-year contract. She was very ill but started right to work, making five films in five months. Mabel didn’t complete her contract because she became too ill to continue, and she had gotten married.

Lew Cody: 1926

At a dinner party, Lew Cody, an actor called the “Butterfly Man,” asked Mabel to marry him, and Mabel said yes. They eloped to Ventura, California on September 17th, 1926 and were married by a Justice of the Peace. After the wedding, each returned to their respective homes in Beverly Hills. They never lived together as a married couple. During the next four years, there was talk of an annulment, a honeymoon, selling of their separate homes and buying a house together, a divorce, but none of these things happened. They just drifted. Lew continued to work and made the transition to sound pictures successfully, while Mabel had retired from films completely.

Illness: 1927 – 1929

In February 1927, Mabel was taken to a hospital for treatment of a dangerous bronchial infection. An x-ray disclosed an abscess of the right lung. After several months she was able to leave the hospital. By November, she was well enough to travel to the East Coast with Lew where he was completing the Orpheum Vaudeville Circuit.

Mabel’s health began to fail gradually. She was growing weaker and losing weight. In March 1929, the public was told that Mabel had tuberculosis and was being taken to a sanatorium near Los Angeles for seclusion. At the same time, Lew was recuperating in Palm Springs from an attack of influenza.

The same newspapers that demanded her films be banned now waxed poetic over the brave little Clown.

Mabel Died: 1930

“Scandal and tragedy haunt Mabel but never a single accusation of unkindness, ill temper, meanness, selfishness, envy or betrayal,” one reporter wrote at the time of her death.

Mabel’s condition was serious. By January 1930, both lungs were infected. She was wracked with pain and fever. Flowers and letters of cheer arrived daily. In February, Mabel was given a blood transfusion, but nothing helped. Mabel Normand died February 23, 1930.

Taylor: 1922

Mabel was working, busy with her new film, getting her health problems under control and going regularly to the theater with her friend William Desmond Taylor, the Paramount director. Bill and Mabel liked the same things and were able to talk about books and the theater.

A truly horrifying thing happened February 1, 1922. Mabel went to pick up a book that Bill had gotten for her. Bill walked her to her limousine. Sometime after he walked back to his bungalow someone shot him as he worked on his income taxes. The murderer was never found.

There was never any serious thought that Mabel was connected with the death of her friend. The police questioned her extensively and she had to testify at the inquest. The murder sold newspapers, but Mabel didn’t kill William Desmond Taylor nor did she know who did.

Sadly, a young actress at Paramount by the name of Mary Miles Minter was caught up in the press’s feeding frenzy. Mary was never able to recover and left films.

Production on Suzanna was stopped. When Mabel returned, she looked dreadful.

Trips to Europe: 1922

Suzanna was finished, but the negative publicity caused by the murder of her friend Bill Taylor and the ongoing trials and tribulations of her early co-star and dear friend Roscoe Arbuckle, damaged Mabel’s career. Many states banned the Arbuckle films and since Mabel was in many of them, she was banned also. Mabel needed to get away. During the summer, Mabel sailed to Europe.

Mabel made her second trip on an impulse to spend Christmas of 1922 in England, and returned to the States in February 1923.

The Extra Girl: 1923

Never had Mabel Normand looked so lovely. Her long rest and exposure to new vistas apparently had good effects. She was blooming.

Sennett had tried six other stars in the role before he called Mabel back to Edendale to make The Extra Girl. This film is one of her best surviving features.

Her walk through the studio with a lion on a leash as if it were a big dog is equal to anything done to that date by Chaplin, Keaton or Lloyd.

During the shoot, Mabel fell from a horse and broke her collarbone. While in the hospital she met another patient by the name of Norman Church. She was soon back to work on The Extra Girl.

Dines is Shot: 1924

Mabel had attended a New Years party where her chauffeur shot the host, Courtland Dines. He wasn’t killed, but Mabel owned the gun used in the shooting. Horace Greer, the chauffeur, was found to be an escapee from a chain gang, and was living under an assumed name. Headlines and rumors multiplied daily. Mabel was in the middle of another scandal. The driver said he shot Dines defending Mabel’s honor. The court found him not guilty of assault. Dines refused to testify. The public found Mabel guilty of poor judgment. Mabel’s films were again banned in a number of cities.

Mabel Named Co-respondent: 1924

The scandals of Mabel’s life were taking their toll. Taylor’s murder, then the Dines’ incident, and even her friend Arbuckle’s trials had tangentially damaged her reputation. Now she had to contend with Mrs. Norman Church. Mrs. Church claimed that while her husband and Mabel were both in the hospital, they had developed a “relationship.” Mabel was incensed by the accusation, and sued Mrs. Church for libel and half a million dollars. Mabel lost her case.

Mickey: 1916 – 1917

Mickey was the one and only feature produced at Mabel Normand Productions. Mabel put a great deal of herself into Mickey, so in a real way Mickey became Mabel. During the filming she became ill with bronchitis. Once Mickey was finished, the problem of distribution rights came into play. Mabel was shut out. Mickey was shelved. Mabel left Sennett for the Sam Goldwyn Studios.

The Goldwyn Years: 1918 – 1921

The first feature film Mabel made for Goldwyn was Joan of Plattsburg (1918). This became another shelved film. Goldwyn was madly in love with Mabel but there is no indication that the feelings were reciprocated. At the Goldwyn Studios, Mabel ran wild: showing up late after nights of revelry; being ill prepared; and generally raising havoc.

Mabel was at the zenith of her popularity; both Mickey and Joan of Plattsburg were released. However, her fans saw signs of physical changes in the gifted star. How much was in fact due to ill health and how much due to partying is hard to tell. She began to disappear from the studio for days at a time, even forgetting to cash her payroll checks. Sam Goldwyn’s feelings toward Mabel cooled and he was ready when Mack Sennett approached him to buy out the 5-year contract that had another 18 months to run. Mabel was also ready to go home to Edendale.

Back to Sennett: 1921 – 1923

Molly O’ was presented to the prodigal Mabel as a welcome home gift. She wasn’t fooled. She knew that Sennett had first offered it to Mary Pickford. Only when Mary had rejected it, did Sennett negotiate with Goldwyn for Mabel. Dick Jones, Mabel’s favorite director, worried about how ill she looked. It was said he was also in love with Mabel.

Jones did his best to show Mabel at her best but nothing can hide the effects of time, fast living and perhaps the first signs of TB.

Mabel was having small hemorrhages in her lungs and was self-medicating with a cough syrup, which she called “goop,” that suppressed her cough but left her groggy. Everything showed on Mabel’s expressive face.

Molly O’: 1921

The production of Molly O’ went smoothly, because Sennett surrounded Mabel with a cast and crew who knew how to work with her. However, Mabel was getting too old to play an inexperienced teenage girl. Even with its shortcomings however; the film is a real treasure. The critics and public were very impressed with the film. Her box office was good and Mack Sennett was making money. Mabel was back.

Suzanna: 1922

She began another film right away. Here again Sennett was careful with the cast, using many of the same members who had worked so well with Mabel previously, with Jones directing. Mabel again was playing the part of a character years younger than her actual age.


Keystone: 1912 – 1917

Mack Sennett formed Keystone in 1912. He was able to take Mabel with him. Together they worked on building the whole genre of slapstick as only Keystone defined it. The California studio was built in Edendale, near downtown Los Angeles. Fred Mace, Ford Sterling and Mabel formed the original core of the first Keystone Comedies. Mabel is sometimes credited with throwing the first pie as a gag on screen.



 Chaplin: 1914 – 1915

In 1914, things were good, but they just got better because Charlie Chaplin came to Keystone. Mack was on his way to becoming the King of Comedy and Mabel was his queen. And the Joker? The Joker was Chaplin. Mabel took Charlie under her wing. Much of Mabel’s influence can be seen in Chaplin’s early comedies.



Tillie’s Punctured Romance: 1914

The 1914 film Tillie’s Punctured Romance was the first feature length comedy film made. It starred Marie Dressler with Mabel and Charlie Chaplin. Keystone was making millions but little went to the players. The players began to move on to more lucrative contracts from other studios.



Arbuckle: 1913 – 1916

In 1913, Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle joined Keystone. The truly inspired pairing of Roscoe and Mabel’s talents in 1915 was golden. It was the “Fatty & Mabel” series that built Mack Sennett’s reputation as a movie mogul.


Mack & Mabel: 1915

Mack and Mabel were engaged, but the wedding date kept being postponed as the building of the studio and other things got in the way.

Mabel didn’t become Mrs. Sennett but as compensation Mack gave Mabel her own production company with its own studio. She had helped him build his production company and now it was her turn. Mack opened his wallet and Mabel took with both hands.